The strategy consulting firm, redefined for the modern world of media & technology.

Focused on Growth

Our focus is on helping media and entertainment clients address their biggest challenge: growth.

We work with senior executives to help identify the greatest revenue opportunities and define the future of their companies. And we collaborate with our clients to ensure that these new growth businesses thrive alongside their existing organizations.  

We’ve Done This Before

Founded by Michael Wolf and Anil Dash, our experience is in operating businesses at the intersection of media and technology. As a result, our work produces recommendations and results that are native to the new world of digital experiences. Being firmly grounded in both the culture of entrepreneurs and established titans gives Activate an advantage in identifying improvement opportunities and developing business strategies. 

A Bias For Action

We formulate practical growth strategies and then make them happen — driving revenue, beating competitors, and repositioning businesses. In our engagements, we help clients bring new businesses and products to market in the same timeframe that traditional consulting firms take to produce an exhaustive (and exhausting!) presentation.