Activate is the next generation strategy consulting firm for technology, internet, media, entertainment and sports businesses.

We work with senior management teams to drive growth and shareholder value creation through strategy and major revenue initiatives. We help our clients dramatically improve revenue performance and overall profitability in areas such as sales, pricing, customer acquisition, marketing, new business building and operational improvement.


Our annual Activate Tech & Media Outlook forecasts the key trends and presents the most important insights in the technology and media industries in the year ahead.

Our Presentations

The most important insights needed to understand the growth and evolution of technology and media industries in the year to come

Find out the nine key insights which will drive growth in the technology and media industries in the coming year

Trends in media and entertainment are causing us to wonder and to think again about the evolution of the media and tech ecosystem – and how media and tech businesses will grow their companies.

From privacy to policy, sensors to subscriptions, data to design, these are the ideas that Activate identified as mattering most in building business growth in 2012.

In 2011, Activate’s perspective on how established media companies can create new growth businesses set a new agenda for many in the industry.

How are companies creating value from big data? They're developing a meaningful understanding of the users they're working to connect with through data from publishers and advertisers, and not just in real time.

The user is what matters for media-tech.

Think Again
Think Again
Think Again
Think Again
Think Again
What Matters
Redefiners: Capturing Media Growth Dollars
Exploiting The Potential Of Big Data
What Will Matter For Media-Tech


Industry depth across all businesses we serve.

Technology & Interactive
  • Web-scale platforms
  • Video games
  • Interactive experiences
  • eCommerce
  • Gambling & sports betting
  • Smart devices & consumer
Media and Entertainment
  • Video (networks, SVOD, web)
  • Cable & broadcast programming
  • Stations
  • Live entertainment
  • Sports teams & leagues
  • eSports
  • Music & music streaming
  • Events & venues
Consumer & Services
  • Digital marketplaces & platforms
  • Ticketing
  • Payments
  • On-demand services
  • Merchandising & licensing
  • Consumer finance
Private Equity
  • Portfolio companies
  • Due diligence
  • Target identification
  • Emerging business opportunities
  • Information, tools & software
  • SAAS businesses
  • Cloud computing
  • Hardware
  • Enterprise systems
  • Data, measurement & analytics
  • Services
Distribution & Telecom
  • Mobile
  • Cable, DBS & High Speed Data
  • Telephony
  • Messaging
  • Distribution infrastructure
Advertising Businesses
  • Digital advertising
  • TV & traditional media
  • AdTech & programmatic
  • Marketing services & creative
  • Ratings, measurement & audience data
  • MarTech


Breakout growth strategy

Identify and exploit new opportunities, define new strategies, create initiatives and plans to deliver sustainable growth and position companies for the future.

Sales activation and go-to-market

Drive sales: reinvent the customer value proposition, improve sales force effectiveness, develop new advertising categories and customer segments. Enhance customer acquisition, marketing and sales effectiveness.

Pricing optimization

Develop new pricing strategies and structures that capture customer value perception to maximize revenue creation and power customer acquisition and retention.

Digital strategy as business strategy: reinvention at scale

Formulate strategies and identify opportunities to enable established companies to create new and engaging user experiences, products and services that underpin new high growth businesses, revenue streams and audiences.

Strategic due-diligence and portfolio company growth for private equity firms

Determine operating and strategic potential of target companies, identify acquisition opportunities and improve operating performance of portfolio companies.

Create new media products and businesses – inside of large companies

Take advantage of a company’s content assets, consumer relationships and revenue capabilities to build new technology-enabled businesses that can win the next generation of users.


We are a different kind of consulting firm, uniquely qualified:

Deep Expertise

Team with extensive industry experience in B2B and B2C businesses.

Results Driven

Track record for helping clients deliver strategies and initiatives that drive both top and bottom line growth.

Serve Leading Businesses, Innovators & Principal Investors

Deeply rooted in realities of how people use tech and media and and how these are used to fast-track product and content development to serve our client needs.

Access and Credibility

Unsurpassed reputation and executive-level network across the global tech and media ecosystem including: technology companies, television programmers and other diversified media companies, digital and traditional publishers, video game publishers and eSports, operators, e-commerce, information businesses, consumer platforms, marketers, marketing agencies and sports leagues and teams.


People who join our team are fluent in the worlds of both global-scale CEOs and cutting-edge innovators.

Join Our Team

Our clients demand deep innovative thinking, industry experience, original insights and practical recommendations. The work we do requires a different background than at other leading strategy consulting firms. Our clients like that we’re different. If that sounds like you, get in touch.

You Will Become an Expert

We help our clients capture their most significant business opportunities and stay in front of the major changes in their industries. To accomplish this, each and every senior Activate team member gains deep industry experience.

Fair warning: If you believe that developing business strategy is about helping companies “re-engineer processes”, “streamline supply chains” or “sourcing”, then Activate is not for you.

It’s Not About the Org Chart

At Activate, you’ll join a highly collaborative and non-hierarchical culture. Teamwork is critical to doing our best work. As a nimble firm, we are committed to mentoring and empowering our team members. We can offer a career development track not possible at legacy consulting firms.

We strive to build a team that is diverse not just in background but in outlook. And one of the most rewarding parts of being on the team at Activate is getting to fully engage with senior executives and meaningful work.

This Isn’t PowerPoint by the Pound

We’re looking for people who are smart and practical. Our biggest value to our clients is in finding the non-intuitive and most innovative answers not just creating a stack of high-level charts. Being firmly rooted in the reality of the technology and media businesses today informs our insights and lessons from the most successful emerging companies and user experiences are incorporated into our strategies. That means people who join our team become experts.


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