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We help technology and media companies drive revenue growth, identify new strategic opportunities and position their businesses for the future.

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As a firm, we know what success looks like because we’ve helped our clients achieve it. We help our clients deliver results in the key areas that will impact their top and bottom lines:

  • Strategy
  • Customer acquisition
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Salesforce activation
  • Go-to-Market strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Building new digital businesses
  • Strategic due diligence
  • M&A-led growth

Our depth of industry experience and expertise is unparalleled

We have worked hand-in-hand with senior executives and helped shape their companies, which in many cases has reshaped their industries. Our clients are leaders and innovators in eCommerce, hardware and devices, television and digital video, sports, video games, advertising, information, news, digital marketplaces, and music.

Activate’s team members have a unique combination of operating track records, blue chip consulting experience, and industry expertise, with proven success in areas where success is anything but guaranteed.

These industries’ challenges are different, and they require a different kind of consulting firm

Nobody who works in these industries needs to be convinced about how difficult they are. Never before has there been such an abundance of opportunity facing huge headwinds. In the same way that technology and media companies need to be reinvented, we’ve reinvented the management consulting firm for this new era: agile, pragmatic, experienced, innovative and passionate. That’s why clients view us as better than the legacy consulting firms. Our team knows the industry inside and out, and we can deliver results to the top and bottom lines– on a fast track. Our work is exceptionally rigorous and unconstrained by conventional wisdom. We’re passionate about helping our clients grow and deliver financial outcomes.

We’re plugged into everyone who matters in technology, internet, media and entertainment

Advertisers, producers, technologists, platforms, creators, and rights holders – we don’t just know the industry, we know the people. Solving our clients’ most difficult problems requires an understanding of how these industries really work, and people are a large part of that. Capturing the voices of industry participants and decision-makers is critical to identifying revenue opportunities and defining growth strategies. Our clients benefit from our relationships across the ecosystem, including advertisers, device manufacturers, journalists, platforms, producers, rights-holders and video game publishers. We believe in the power of relationships and real-life networks with entrepreneurs and tech innovators. Our track record has earned us the trust of the industry.

Our work begins with the most important person in the tech and media ecosystem: the user

Never before have consumers had so much control and never have their expectations been higher. We bring a deep understanding of how consumers use technology and media today and how their tastes and interests will change in the future. Activate’s work is informed by continuous consumer research, based on an understanding of how consumers spend their time, their money and how they will make decisions.

Our proprietary industry research and insight set us apart

Activate is known for its deep industry knowledge and analysis. We publish our annual Activate Tech & Media Outlook each fall, to provide our view of the future. Our forecasts, industry analysis, economics, and consumer trends show where the major sectors are headed and where there are going to be opportunities.

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